A Comic Adaptation Of Beastie Boys’ Video For ‘Sabotage’ Pays Tribute To MCA

MCA Day — the day every year that Beastie Boys fans honor the passing of Adam Yauch — has come and gone, and there were plenty of excellent tributes to the musician this year that were worth noting.

But Laughing Squid just discovered a seven page comic that was created shortly after Yauch’s death in 2012. Derek Langille is an illustrator in Calgary, and put together a re-make of the 1994 Sabotage video, vintage Marvel-style, complete with “weathered” cover.

I just noticed there are even fake stains on the pages to make it look like an old comic. It’s a really excellent version of the song, and I think if nothing else, Langille could build a career as a colorist. I just wish it were longer!

You can download the entire thing as a PDF by clicking here.

via Laughing Squid