Warner Bros. Reportedly Wants Ben Affleck For Three More Batman Movies

We already heard Ben Affleck’s contract with Warner promised him the chance to create a standalone Batman movie with Geoff Johns which Affleck can also direct. Now, Den of Geek is relaying the rumor that a private screening (within the past 24 hours) of a rough cut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice went so smashingly that Warner wants Affleck to do not just one, but three standalone Batman movies. Den of Geek says the Warner bosses gave the film a standing ovation and were “so impressed with Affleck’s performance” that they’re trying to extend his contract.

“Basically, Warners are now working their movie universe around Ben’s Batman,” our source says. As far as Warner’s bosses are concerned, Affleck is considered to be the “definitive Batman” and could be the hub around which the DC movie universe will rotate in future movies.

Normally, I’m skeptical of stuff like this, but this news also comes on the same day Warner announced they’re delaying every non-Batman project they’d signed Ben Affleck to do. Live By Night and The Accountant are now pushed to 2017 and the end of 2016, respectively.

So, we’re optimistic that Warner’s serious (so serious) about making several Batman movies, and we already have a humble suggestion for a theme song…

(Via Den of Geek, Coming Soon, and lilprince)