Stay Classy, San Diego: Some Of Our Favorite Costumes Comic-Con Had To Offer

07.31.14 4 years ago 14 Comments

Starfleet bunnies cosplayed by Castle Corsetry, photographed by Howie Muzika.

In lieu of a Cosplay Of The Week feature, we’re instead going to share our favorite costumes from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. We’re going to highlight even more cosplay pictures later today (UPDATE: here’s part two, and part three is here), because this is the time of year when thousands of cosplay pics come rolling in and daddy drinks to deal with the workload.

Check out the gallery below for our favorites from beloved franchises like X-Men, Game Of Thrones, Star Wars, and even Archer, because Sterling finally found his way to Whore Island. And yes, there will be multiple Rocket Raccoons, since several cosplayers were stoked about Guardians Of The Galaxy opening this Friday. Special thanks to V Threepio and Nathan Rupert for many of these pictures.

Sharknado (the second one) photographed by Nathan Rupert.

Sterling Archer cosplayed by vborcivie.

Rocket Raccoon (Guardians Of The Galaxy) photographed by tyndalecode. [via]

Cersei Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones) photographed by Nathan Rupert.

En Subah Nur AKA Apocalypse photographed by Mooshuu.

Rocket Raccoon (Guardians of the Galaxy) cosplayed by Holly Conrad, photographed by Nathan Rupert.

Scorpion and Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat) start a Mariachi band, photographed by Detswit.

Scarlet Witch photographed by Pat Loika. Submitted via the Gamma Squad Flickr Group.

Storm (X-Men) photographed by Howie Muzika.

Phoenix (X-Men) photographed by Victor M. Campos, Jr.

Creepy Woody photographed by Hall H Comic Book Culture.

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