The Best Cosplay Of San Diego Comic-Con 2016

She-Ra and The Sorceress photographed by KidFlash.

San Diego Comic-Con 2016 wrapped up on Sunday after an eventful four days of action-packed trailers and big casting announcements, but there was also plenty of entertainment provided by the attendees themselves, who seem to come up with funnier and more elaborate costumes each year. They also pulled some heart-rending pranks about holding the door:

Speaking of Game of Thrones jokes, this cosplayer was one of our favorites for macabre exquisiteness:

“He was following the Game of Thrones cosplayers…” — MadeOnAMonday

Lookalikes weren’t the only ones getting in on the cosplay fun. There were also real celebrities using Comic-Con as an excuse to dress up, from Henry Cavill surprising Will Smith to Simon Pegg going incognito to Harley Quinn voice actor Tara Strong cosplaying Harley Quinn.

John Barrowman also had fun with the opportunity, donning a different outfit each day:

Rule 63 Squirrel Girl [via]

Zapp Brannigan (Futurama) [via]

Rule 63 Harley Quinn [via]

But it wasn’t just actors, of course. Plenty of cosplayers impressed us during San Diego Comic-Con, so here’s a roundup of some of our favorites. Special thanks go to KidFlash and DTJAAAAM for many of these pictures.

Roadhog and Junkrat (Overwatch) photographed by KidFlash.

Rule 63 Dark Helmet (Spaceballs) cosplayed by LeeAnna Vamp, photographed by DTJAAAAM.

Hawkgirl photographed by Ariel.

Also in awesome video form. [via]

Matt the radar technicians (SNL / Star Wars: The Force Awakens) photographed by DTJAAAAM.

Harley Quinn photographed by cranberries.

Luke Cage photographed by KidFlash.

Private Vasquez (Aliens) cosplayed by SinTwisted, photographed by The Nerds of Color.

Jack Burton (Big Trouble in Little China) photographed by teacupfangirl.

BB-8s (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) photographed by Jennifer Klam.

Also with video. [via]

Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala (Star Wars) cosplayed by davidfett.

Mandalorian Spawn and Punisher (Star Wars mashup) photographed by DTJAAAAM.

The Rancor and its keeper (Star Wars) photographed by DTJAAAAM.

Fabulous Star Wars cosplayers photographed by KidFlash.

Vanellope Von Schweetz and kart (Wreck-It Ralph) photographed by Jennifer Klam.

Necromancer Totoro cosplayed by Jessica Nigri, photographed by DTJAAAAM.

DC Bombshells Harley Quinn and Batgirl photographed by cranberries.

Asura (Asura’s Wrath) cosplayed by Kei Mak, photographed by DTJAAAAM.

The Stalk and Gwendolyn (Saga) photographed by Cody Contway.

Silver Surfer (The Fantastic Four) photographed by KidFlash.

Witchblade photographed by KidFlash.

Harley Quinn photographed by Nathan Rupert.

Zarya (Overwatch) photographed by KidFlash.

Dangerous Bots (Austin Powers) photographed by Nathan Rupert.

Red Guy (Don’t Hug Me, I’m Scared) photographed by Olivia De Berardinis.

Nurse Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers) cosplayed by Zerggiee, photographed by DTJAAAAM.

Chewie’s Angels photographed by Star Wars.

Waldo photographed by Funny or Die.