Punch The Nearest Mime And Enjoy These Funny ‘GTA V’ GIFs

Grand Theft Auto V is out now, so we hope you’re reading this post only because your hands are cramped completely into lobster claws from playing GTA V, leaving you only able to click “Next” on our slideshows till your hands return to playing form. While you wait, you can check out 30 minutes of gameplay, our GTA V review, and the funny GTA V GIFs below.

The majority of these GIFs are from this enormous NeoGAF thread, a few from Dorkly, and other various sources like IGN, TechSpot, HuffPo, and a couple of NSFW sites we can’t link to. Let’s start this with the obligatory MIME PUNCH!

“If you shoot a mime, does it make a sound?” — Steven Wright

That’s how we fight.

Stunt jump failed.” REALLY???

The theaters know us too well.

Don’t bring a gun to a train fight.

That’s how you handle a train fight.

The water looks awesome.

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

A few of the GIFs on the next page are potentially NSFW.

He’ll do it.

Always time for a selfie.

Interesting roadkill.

Birds do it. Bees do it.

Even dogs and people do it.

And we’re outta here.