Surprise, Puddin: Here Are The Best Harley Quinn Costumes From Saturday Night

As predicted about a week ago, Harley Quinn was a major contender for the Halloween crown in terms of sheer numbers who embraced the character for their own (ideally) drunken revelry. In retrospect, this collective decision isn’t surprising at all. Indeed, ever since Suicide Squad promotion began, Harley’s been a crowd favorite. Men want her so badly, and women think she’s pretty badass with a sweet sense of complimentary color coordination.

The Harley fascination has persisted, and from revealing set photos to the film’s initial trailer, her immediate appeal attracted a wide audience. Although she’s inexplicably tied to the Joker, Harley is obviously a major ticket seller when it comes to the comic book-movie going public.

Here are some of the better Halloween attempts at a Harley Quinn costume. She comes with or without the Joker in tow, although I suspect the latter doesn’t matter too much. Perhaps the Joker is preoccupied with Batman, or maybe Jared Leto himself is busy method-ing the hell out of the entire production, but Harley takes the cake here. And you like cake, right? Here’s the best of the Harley cake from Halloween 2015:

Hey, Putin! Never has Harley Quinn been such an international diplomat.

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