The ‘Kirby Dance Challenge’ Is Currently The Best Vine Has To Offer

I used to think I was into dank memes, but it turns out my life was a lie. Here I was reading Advice Animals and macros and thinking I knew what was up when all the real fresh meme sauce was going down on Vine. You know Vine, the six second video app that makes almost no sense? That’s where it is happening now. From Damn Daniel to A Potato Flew Around My Room, if that meme makes no sense to you, it’s from Vine (and you’re old).

But don’t worry. The most recent Vine craze happens to be pretty accessible, and involves dubbing the music from the classic video game Kirby’s Dream Land over people dancing. Even grandma can enjoy these, unless she thinks 8-bit music contains the devil’s frequencies. In which case, you’ve got bigger issues to deal with. Maybe put those aside for the moment and relax with the best #KirbysDreamlandChallenge Vines?

From Drake to Trump to Beyonce and beyond, the Kirby’s Dream Land Challenge will bring endless smiles to your face, six seconds at a time.

You can check out more Kirby Dream Land Challenge Vines here, alongside all the other befuddling yet occasionally hilarious Vine trends.