BatDadVine Is The Hero Vine Deserves In The Newest Best-Of Compilation Video

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12.06.13 4 Comments

BatDadVine Compilation 5

We like to check in on BatDadVine (née Blake Wilson) once in awhile. This father of four in Atlanta makes Vine videos as he wears a Batman mask and annoys his wife or parents his kids.

We’ve posted compilation videos of some of his newer vines, and BatDadVine just posted the newest compilation to YouTube last night.

Check it out below to see BatDad distributing Batman Band-Aids, attempting to be above the law, reluctantly sharing the cowl, and getting insulted by his eldest daughter. At least he has a family. Unlike Batman. (Has he told you lately that his parents are dead? We’re pretty sure we spotted an “Ask me about my dead parents” bumper sticker on the Batmobile.)

See the rest here or follow @BatDadVine.

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