Let Freedom Ring With Even More Awesome Captain America Cosplay

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07.03.13 5 Comments
Captain America cosplay - American Dream

American Dream cosplayed by Kira McNellis, photographed by Fathergatto.

Tomorrow is Independence Day. We’ll be taking the day off to double fist Double Down sandwiches while lighting roman candles next to a nature preserve. What’s that? Our plans are a bad idea? I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear your disapproval over the sound of my freedom.

To kick off the celebration early, we’re posting our supersized collection of Captain America cosplay. Part one is here, and below you’ll find another 30+ pictures of Captains America, Bucky Barneses, American Dreams, USO girls, and more. In conclusion, USA! USA! USA!


Photographed by Bill Watters. [via]


Captain America photographed by Helder Mira.


Ollie, Sam, and Josh forge an unlikely alliance. Photographed by Carlos Adama. Submitted via the Gamma Squad Flickr Group.


Silk Spectre and Captain America photographed by Edward Liu.


Captain America photographed by Anna Fischer.


Boxed Avengers photographed by Ethan Trewhitt.


Captain America photographed by Pat Loika.


1940s Captain America photographed by Judy Stephens. Picture courtesy of Marvel. [via]


Captain America photographed by huntthejest. Submitted via the Gamma Squad Flickr Group.

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