‘Hard Sci-Fi Movies’ Schools Hollywood On Truly Realistic Sci-Fi Movies

Considering Gravity has broken some box office records, we may be treated to more hard sci-fi in theaters soon. But what if we want some really hard sci-fi? So hard it’s truly realistic? What if we want something a little more subdued, like the mundane kind of gravity evidenced in the picture above? Hard Sci-Fi Movies has us covered.

This dedicated Twitter account takes sci-fi tropes, subgenres, and popular films and pitches a fully realistic version of these stories. These versions of Iron Man, The Hulk, Spider-Man, Pacific Rim, Star Wars, etc. may not be pulse-pounding, but hey, at least somebody got tenure.

All tweets via Hard Sci-Fi Movies. Hat tip to io9 and Reddit.


[This is not a spoiler. This is a joke based on the general premise.]

Iron Man


The Hulk

Frankenstein (sort of)


Pacific Rim


Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

2001: A Space Odyssey

Futurama (sort of)

Timecop (sort of)

Independence Day

Star Wars