Meme Watch: The Internet Gave EA’s Madden GIFerator The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle

If you thought the new Madden NFL 15 video game couldn’t get any sillier after the tiny Christian Kirksey glitch, strap in. EA either completely underestimated how silly the internet can get, or they entirely counted on it. They created Madden GIFerator, a website where you create your own captioned GIFs by choosing animated players and backgrounds, then add your own text. Even though many words are banned, there are workarounds and plenty of absurd captions which aren’t off limits. Consider us razzle dazzled.

EA’s Madden GIF generator was also underwritten by the NFL and Google, who should have seen this coming. You could say this promotion has backfired, or you could say they had to know exactly what they were doing. After what happened with Lay’s Do Us A Flavor and Pacific Rim‘s Jaeger designer, companies seeking to crowdsource free viral content would be wise to just roll with it when we oblige with maximum snark.

Our favorite Madden GIFerator entries are collected below, with each source credited under the bottom left corner of the GIF. Thanks to Polygon for the assist.

Boys becoming men. Men becoming wolves.


This one’s even funnier if you’re listening to the Doctor Who theme song.