'Beware The Batman': Check Out The Debut Trailer For Batman's Latest Animated Series

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Batman comics have their ups and downs, and there have been some pretty terrible Batman movies, but you can always count on Batman cartoons to deliver. Batman: The Animated Series and the many Bat-toons that have followed have all ranged from good to downright amazing. Well, there’s a new animated Batman series on the way, and guess what? It looks pretty good!

For the first time Batman is going the computer-animated route with Beware the Batman, a series that promises to bring back a more serious tone (after the intentional goofiness of Batman: The Brave and The Bold). Interestingly the series will also focus entirely on minor Batman villains — you won’t see the Joker, Two-Face or Riddler in Beware The Batman’s debut trailer. Instead Batman fights Anarky, a surprisingly sexed-up Magpie and Grant Morrison’s Professor Pyg (whoa, wait, how are they going to make that guy kid’s TV friendly?)

Hit the jump for a first look at Beware the Batman

Other villains that’ll be featured on the show? Tobias Whale, Humpty Dumpty, King Kraken and Ten-Eyed Man. Yeah, they’re digging deep for this one!

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