‘Big Hero 6’ Plot Details And Team Members Leaked (Sorry, No Silver Samurai)

So far most details on Disney’s first big Marvel Universe animated movie Big Hero 6 have focused on loveably pudgy robot Baymax and his creator Hiro, but there’s presumably going to be other characters in this superhero team movie! Well, bits of information and character art has been leaking out over the past couple days creating a clearer picture of Big Hero 6.

Our hero, uh, Hiro is a child prodigy who lives with his brother Tadashi (their parents are dead) and the movie’s plot kicks in once Tadashi disappears in a mysterious accident.

Now, here’s a somewhat blurry picture of the cast…

From left-to-right, we’re probably looking at Wasabi-No-Ginger, Honey Lemon, Baymax, Hiro, Fredzilla and Gogo Tomago (hopefully a few of those terrible names will be changed for the movie). Oh, and it’s confirmed — the flick won’t have Silver Samurai, Sunfire or any other characters that originated in X-Men comic books.

Here’s a peek a some Big Hero 6 concept art…

Hopefully Big Hero 6 turns out well, because there’s a ton of superheroes that would work better in cartoon form.

Via io9