Music Is War In Our Exclusive Preview Of January 27’s ‘Black Canary’

Black Canary, the band, has had a rough tour. Trashed bars, angry followup acts, and, oh yeah, the history of its namesake, right down to her superspy ex-husband, chasing them across America as they try to get to gigs. But it’s all come down to one moment, where Dinah and her friends are playing not just for their lives, but for everyone’s.

Black Canary, the book, has explored its unusual concept in some fun ways since it started. The idea of a superhero fronting a band and trying to keep the musical life and the superheroic life separate has offered an entertaining twist on the usual secret identity stylings. Annie Wu’s art draws inspiration from band flyers, and Brenden Fletcher has interspersed the action with witty parodies of underground music ‘zines. That said, it’s getting a bit more serious, as you can see in this exclusive preview:

To see if Black Canary ever makes it to a reunion tour, pick up Black Canary #7 on stands and online next Wednesday.