Blake Lively Gave The Most Spot-On ‘Deadpool’ Gift To Ryan Reynolds

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Blake Lively legally wed Ryan Reynolds, but let’s get real. For more than a year, she’s been married to the titular Deadpool, a role that Reynolds has embraced down to his very bones. And yes, he’s cracked plenty of foul-mouthed remarks about his Deadpool bones. Lively is a trooper for enduring her husband’s love of the role he was born to play. She suffered through 12 Days of Deadpool and Reynolds’ insistence upon wearing his costume to celebrate Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, and as a Halloween cheat (he even made a mini-documentary about that last adventure).

These are only the public scenarios in which we’ve seen Reynolds don the Deadpool duds. He could be working it behind closed doors, too. Dude may be jumping out of closets and breaking the fourth wall in Lively’s rooms full of artisanal artifacts. This is a man who openly wept upon seeing his glorious costume, so you know he never takes the thing off. Ever.

However, Lively is a fine sport. She bestowed her husband with the most spot-on present Deadpool could ever desire. Here’s a custom-made, wool version of Deadpool riding a unicorn with a trusty chimichanga in hand. There’s another R-Rated descriptor in Reynolds’ Instagram caption, too.

Oh Deadpool, behave.

Here’s another interesting selection from Reynolds’ Instagram page.


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