BodyGuard Arm Gauntlet Will Taze You, Bro


I used to live my life under the impression that only roided out barbarians or enchanted elves were allowed to wear protective wrist gauntlets in public, but apparently cameraman and part-time inventor, David Brown, disagrees with me. See, David invented The BodyGuard, a three pound protective arm gauntlet that houses a 300,000+ volt shock between two electrodes worn on the gauntlet’s wrist. The idea is so badass in fact that, The Bodyguard himself, Kevin Costner, is an actual investor on the project. No, I’m serious, you can even watch a video of Costner talking about the gauntlet here.

See, back in 2004, David Brown was discussing with friends the dangers that cameramen face when in the field shooting; whether you’re in the woods filming bears or on the streets of Chicago filming drunk football fans, it’s pretty damn hard for a cameraman to fight off any attackers when his hands are tied up holding expensive equipment. So David thought up the idea of placing a self defense weapon on the users wrists, that way it could not be dropped and the operators hands would still be free. Thirty prototypes later and now David Brown is pitching his idea to the U.S. Department of Justice. The first batch of officers to demo the product will be the Los Angeles sheriff’s department sometime later this year. I couldn’t, for the life of me, tell you whether that’s a good thing or not.

[via technabob]