Brain Controlled iPad Application: Concentrate And Get A Kiss (Video)

09.24.10 7 years ago

Typically, the only reward you receive for gaming out on an iPad is either a fistful of blisters or some catty comment from a passerby. Not so is the case in Japan, where a new brain-controlled iPad application rewards players with an endearing glance from an attractive in-game model and even a kiss.

Featured on Japan’s Mezamashi TV, players wear a special headband that connects to an iPad interface. The program then measures the amount of neural concentration from the player, rewarding them gradually as they focus their brain waves harder and harder. At first, the game begins with a woman whose back is turned to you. Try and melt her with your brain hard enough and she’ll turn around to glance at you (OMFG dude, I think she just looked at me!). Go all Professor X with your brain and you may even get a kiss blown from your new digital girlfriend.

So really, this is basically an iPad game that mimics the last twenty years of my life: don’t try hard enough and girls won’t even turn around to look at you; try too hard and you end up crapping your pants.

Via JapanProbe.

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