Behold, The Bread Cheese Bacon Double Cheeseburger

Pictured: meat and cheese. That’s it.

Last month Nick of DudeFoods made a cheese grilled cheese sandwich out of a block of bread cheese with American cheese stuffed inside it. The bread cheese is a baked variety with a bread-like consistency and browned edges. It’s usually sautéed, which made it a great bread substitute for grilled cheese. (By “great” we mean, “My God, man, how are you still alive?”)

After the success of the 100% cheese sandwich, Nick has returned with another Atkin’s friendly abomination. Behold, the bread cheese bacon double cheeseburger. It’s made from three hunks of bread cheese stuffed with American cheese, two 1/3 lb hamburgers topped with more American cheese, and six slices of bacon. The middle slice is regular bread cheese made by Wisconsin’s Carr Valley Cheese Company. The top and bottom slices are Brunkow Cheese‘s Brun-uusto bread cheese, which has smoked bacon baked into it because YES PLEASE.

Nick says the sandwich weighed enough to make his wrist sore from holding it. And he ate the whole thing. Afterwards, his friend Curt tallied the number of calories contained in the bread cheese bacon double cheeseburger. Drumroll please . . . 4,300 calories. The space in my abdomen where my gall bladder used to be is begging for mercy just reading that. And yet, I’d still totally eat one because the stomach is evil and must be punished.

[DudeFoods via Neatorama]