Bronies Fund Movie About How Great Bronies Are to the Tune of Nearly 350 Thousand Dollars

06.13.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

Guess what the second most funded film project in the history of Kickstarter is? It has to do with a certain equine-themed Internet meme! Yup, Bronies have ponied up over 320 thousand dollars via Kickstarter (and another 26k via PayPal) to make BronyCon: The Documentary happen.

The filmmakers have begun casting. These are the specific kind of pony loving guys they’re looking for…

– Military Bronies who are living in Arizona specifically.

– A parent and son in his 20’s who are both fans and have bonded over MLP.

– An adult Brony who has Aspergers, Autism or other syndrome or disorder and has been    helped by the show.

– Bronies living in the Southern California area with interesting lives and stories to tell.

I dunno, something feels more than a little off about just outright saying “We’ve already written this documentary’s script and these are the inspirational stories we’re looking for!” Seems a little artificial. Kind of like the whole Brony thing in general.

Hmmm, I wonder where the documentary is for the little girls that make up 90% of My Little Pony’s audience and enjoy the show in a non-ironic way? You know, the non-neckbeards the show was actually made for. Guess that would be boring. Heh heh, guys watching My Little Pony! How endlessly fascinating.

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