Bryan Cranston And Elizabeth Olsen Considering Wasting Their Talents In Terrible New 'Godzilla' Movie

You’ve earned this inappropriately young love interest buddy.

The new Godzilla movie is going to be terrible. It just is. It’s going to be a “realistic, grounded, gritty actioner” (about a giant lizard), the script has been through about a dozen re-writes, and everyone involved in the movie is suing each other. Get ready to look back on Godzilla ’98 with fondness.

But hey, somehow this rotting corpse hasn’t scared away the likes of Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen, both of whom are in talks to appear in the flick. Unfortunately neither will be playing the lead role as producers are still trying to land hunky hunks like Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Henry Cavill.

Come on Godzilla producers, just give Cranston the lead and make Olsen his inappropriately young love interest — you guys have enough to worry about as is.

via The Playlist