C-3PO Pinata Rocket

Entertainment Editor

I made a solemn vow when I took this job: that I would geek out over Star Wars.  And post about explosions.  Two. Two solemn vows.  Also, I must always be wearing sweatpants, the blogger’s tuxedo. And I would never reveal the Wu Tang secret.  Four solemn vows.  Anyway, some guys in Sweden made a C-3PO piñata rocket, and . . . well, let’s have them explain it:

C3PO as a pinata, is no more, I hate british brats, me and my friends bought a C3PO pinata and stuffed it with rockets, this is the result, kids try this at home its a great fun [YouTube]

That’s sound advice, and I’d give them two thumbs up if I didn’t lose one in a fireworks accident.  This C3PO rocket launch is way cooler than the time we stuffed an R2D2 full of magic black snakes and lit them. An R2D2 puking black ash isn’t so much entertaining as it is sad.  Awww, who’s our little coal miner? Yes you are.

[Hat tip and a handful of magic black snakes nobody wants to GreatWhiteSnark.]

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