Cagedancing Tesla Mythbuster? Cagedancing Tesla Mythbuster.

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05.24.11 2 Comments

“Mythbusters” has done many wonderful things: created a new genre of reality TV, the “settling forum arguments through semi-scientific means” genre; given the wonderfully strange Kari Byron to the world; and blown up a cement truck. If you think that isn’t a wonderful thing, then you haven’t seen it.
So when I was told there was a Mythbuster cage-dancing to the Doctor Who theme as performed by Tesla coils at Maker Faire, I was excited. Then I found the video and watched it, and discovered that maybe some dreams are better left unbusted…

Dammit, wrong Mythbuster! You say “cagedancing”, it creates this whole image of go-go boots and bikinis, not a dude doing the robot. Damn you, io9, for raising my hopes and then dashing them so cruelly.

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