'Call Of Duty: Ghosts' Fans Wreck Its Booth For A Free Copy

If you were at Milan Games Week, you could have gotten a $200 edition of Call of Duty: Ghosts. All you had to do was be at the booth right when it opened! There were no other requirements. Just. Be. First.

You might be thinking that this was poorly planned. And, boy, was it ever.

Here’s an overview from Kotaku. Surprise! There was a small riot!

Not sure what the organisers were thinking, but accounts from the showroom floor say that after a civil enough start, as the crowd got bigger hundreds of people went crazy, rushing the booth. In the process, they trashed the thing, so badly that it had to be closed down.

An Italian reporter states they were “kicked and slapped” as fans tried to get their hands of the Extra Detritus Edition of Call of Duty: Ghosts. To be fair, the “Prestige” edition, which was the giveaway here, features a 1080p wearable camera that doesn’t look half-bad, and might actually be of use after you get sick of the game, unlike last years’ RC quadcopter. Yes, they sold a Call of Duty game with an RC vehicle.

Oh, and there’s also a paracord bracelet, because Call of Duty fans don’t have to deal with the Internet Tough Guy stereotype nearly enough in Activision’s eyes. Anybody genuinely excited to get a paracord bracelet with the Call of Duty logo on it, thankfully a small subset of the game’s fanbase, has a rich history of claiming to be a member of the Special Forces in YouTube comments ahead of them.

Still, neat camera or not, that’s probably not worth trampling people for, especially since it’ll be half price in a year anyway. Shame on you, Italian gamers, even if you aren’t hardcore.