Call of Duty Fans to Protest How Terrible Modern Warfare 3 is by Not Playing it For One Whole Day

03.30.12 6 years ago 20 Comments

A lot of people in the Call of Duty community aren’t that happy with Modern Warfare 3. They complain that the graphics and single player campaign are the same old, and that the multiplayer is beset with a variety of oversights and issues. Hmmm, I’m no CoD fanatic, but that kind of sounds like every Call of Duty to me, but whatever, this time it’s apparently so bad a protest is required.

The protest in question is the “MW3 Blackout” — basically, the plan is to send Activision a message by having as many people as possible refrain from playing MW3 online, on April 20th.

Wait a minute, I think a heard something. Listen hard and I bet you’ll hear it too — it’s Bobby Kotick, laughing his ass off.

Hit the jump to check out a video promoting the MW3 Blackout cause…


Sigh. Guys…Activision could not possibly give less of a s–t about you not playing MW3 for one day. Hell, you’re doing them a service. You’re saving them server costs and headaches for a day. If you want to send a message, it’s time to make the ultimate sacrifice and not buy the next CoD game. Don’t worry, you’ll be okay — believe it or not there are other games that allow you to shoot people online. In fact I’m starting my own movement right now — it’s called the “Be a Sensible Consumer” movement. Get on board now.

via Gamers Daily News

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