Called It — StarCraft II on Wii U Could Work Says Blizzard Designer

06.19.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

Hey, remember a week ago when I wrote about how I thought the Wii U GamePad is perfectly suited for strategic games? Specifically, I mentioned StarCraft II as a game that would work well with Nintendo’s new controller. Well, turns out the lead designer of StarCraft II agrees with me!

Excuse me for a second while I pat myself on the back. Good job me, keep up the good work.

Uh, where were we? Oh right — StarCraft II lead designer Dustin Browder was recently asked whether his game will ever come to consoles, and he admitted a Wii U style set-up could work well.

“The problem I have with the iPhone interface is the big meaty sausages called my fingers that are always in the way, but if I can control a cursor on the television with my hand on the touchscreen, that might be able to work…”

Well golly, I agree! According to Browder there’s no StarCraft II console version in the works, and if Starcraft did come to Wii U, they’d probably try to do an original game instead of a port. So, StarCraft may never come to the Wii U, but the fact that the designer of the world’s most popular strategy series sees the potential of the Wii U GamePad is promising. If the Wii U doesn’t get Starcraft, perhaps it will at least get some other interesting strategy games.

via Kotaku

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