Canada’s New Military Rifle Is Straight Out Of A Video Game

02.13.15 3 years ago 27 Comments

While we may poke fun at Canada for being America’s hat and producing some of the worst driving in the Western Hemisphere, the Canadian military is no joke. They started kicking ass on the world stage in World War I and more or less haven’t stopped since. That said, their new rifle is just a bit much.

First of all, yes, that is a grenade launcher on top there. But that’s not the only weapon you can click onto there. You can also add a shotgun! It’s wirelessly integrated with command as well, so generals know when guns are being fired, where those guns are, and how often you’re quoting Bill Paxton in combat. If that’s not enough, the next phase will apparently include adding on TrackingPoint technology, which is the consumer version of the EXACTO homing bullet DARPA is working on.

As for why it’s covered in more nooks, crannies and screws than James Cameron’s most feverish wet dream of military design, there’s no point in spending what was surely millions in Canadian Tire money on this thing if it wasn’t going to look cool when you were done with it. Granted, this is a smart move in some ways. Activision is probably writing a check to license this thing for Call of Duty as you read this.

Still, you’ve got to wonder what else they can bolt onto this thing. Maybe they could put a bottle opener in the handle?

Via Pop Sci

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