Here’s How That Fight Between Captain America And Black Widow In ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Would Have Gone

A Marvel storyboard artist has been releasing animated videos of scenes he worked on for Captain America: Civil War, including the deleted scene between Captain America and Black Widow in the animatic below. But first, a little explanation. Recently, the writers of Civil War (Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely) revealed there was originally going to be a tussle between Cap and Black Widow during the airport fight scene. The scene was scrapped for several reasons; the writers were nice about it, saying the tension between them was already addressed in other scenes and Black Widow was busy fighting Hawkeye at the airport, a pairing which made more sense. They didn’t say the obvious: Captain America will straight up kick you into a building:

Seriously. Cap kills people. Coldblooded.

As it turns out, though, he wouldn’t have killed Black Widow, but only because she was able to save herself from a death by falling thanks to her gadgets, as we see in this animated version of how the scene would have gone. The fight starts about 45 seconds in.

Storyboard artist Darrin Denlinger has been posting numerous animatics from Civil War and other Marvel projects on YouTube lately, including the animatic for Bucky’s attempted escape in Romania and an extended version of the scenes in Berlin. But we really just wanted to focus on that Cap/Black Widow fight, because the way Cap checks to make sure she’s alright and gives that little nod at the end is just pure Steve Rogers.

(Via Bleeding Cool)