Catch Up On The Complex Story Behind ‘Captain America: Civil War’ With This Animated Explanation

03.16.16 2 years ago 8 Comments

Warning: The above video spoils the hell out of the comic-book version of Civil War.

Captain America: Civil War may be the most complex Marvel movie yet, but it has nothing on the comic event that inspired it. The comic book Civil War involved dozens of additional heroes and villains, countless tie-ins and more twists and turns than could possibly be contained in a two-hour movie. So much that casual Marvel fans trying to catch up before the movie may find themselves a bit intimidated.

Well, don’t worry, YouTuber Noah Sterling and pretty rad artist Mike Becker have cooked up a solid 4-minute explainer for Marvel’s Civil War. They explain the roots of the conflict, all the various twists, turns and betrayals and even show some of the conflict’s aftermath. Even if you’ve read Civil War, this is a good refresher – I’ll admit, I’d forgotten exactly who was on Team Cap/Team Iron Man throughout the convoluted story.

Of course, the movie version of Civil War will, by necessity, be fairly different than the comic-book story, but hey, now you can complain about the changes like a good nerd. Captain America: Civil War kicks off the superhero showdown on May 6.

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