Marvel News Roundup: New ‘Avengers’ Directors, More Villains, And Daniel Bruhl

Dude, Thor’s right behind you.

Who knew Marvel’s announcement that Daniel Bruhl (Inglourious Basterds, Rush) has been cast in Captain America: Civil War would turn into a cornucopia of Phase Three reveals? When Variety reported the announcement, they revealed Bruhl is not the main villain in Civil War but he may be the main villain in Doctor Strange (more on that later). Deadline, in covering the announcement, offhandedly mentioned the directors of Civil War and Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Joe and Anthony Russo) will direct both parts of The Avengers Infinity War in place of Joss Whedon. If true, those are all rather huge announcements to casually drop in the bottom half of a casting update.

And the reveals don’t stop there. Variety’s Justin Kroll also reiterated Bruhl will not play the main villain of Captain America: Civil War, and he added that the main bad guy will be Crossbones, depicted by Frank Grillo in Winter Soldier as a Hydra double agent working at SHIELD. We just heard Grillo signed for multiple Marvel movies, even though he’s been tweeting he knows “less than nothing” about Civil War.

As for Variety saying Bruhl will play a side villain in Civil War but possibly the main villain in Doctor Strange, we have to wonder if they have a couple of separate characters confused, specifically Baron Zemo and Baron Mordo. The evil Transylvanian wizard Mordo is already rumored to be the big bad in Doctor Strange, but we don’t see how he’d fit into Civil War. Baron Zemo, on the other hand, is a Nazi scientist who built super weapons and figured into several Captain America storylines. Badass Digest lays out the case for why Bruhl might play Zemo. We’re still hoping Marvel will pull from another property altogether and mo-cap Bruhl as a character we weren’t expecting…

Via Marvel, Variety, Deadline, CBM, and Badass Digest