‘Captain America: Civil War’ Screened Early, And Here’s What Audiences Are Saying

Two important Captain America: Civil War developments occurred this weekend: MTV aired the first clip from the movie opening May 6, and Marvel screened it for critics. The embargo lifted early on Saturday, so those critics who were lucky enough to catch a screening — including Uproxx‘s own Mike Ryan — were tweeting their opinions.

Spoiler alert, Mike liked it!


Vince Mancini didn’t see the movie yet, but that didn’t stop him from suggesting some conspiracy theories and rumors:


But we weren’t the only ones talking up the movie’s finer points, like how awesome Chadwick Boseman is as Black Panther:


The fight taking place at a German airport, only slightly glimpsed in the final trailer and an international trailer, was a particular highlight:


And there were some criticisms:


But it’ll still make all the money:


And of course, comparisons had to be made to Batman V Superman.


There was also apparently quite a bit of Spider-Man in Civil War, and audiences were loving him like James Gunn did.


Awww, chin up, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. You guys are still pretty okay.

(Via io9, Comic Book Movie, Comics Alliance, and The Wrap)

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