Everything We Learned From The New ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer

The new Captain America: Civil War trailer is here, and it’s got plenty of new heroes and giddy moments. Here’s what we’ve learned from it, upon repeated rewatchings.

Meet Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

The big news is that we finally get to meet Spider-Man, and he’s pretty much close to perfect. This is more or less the original Spider-suit, right down to the shape of the eyes and, if you look closely, what appears to be web-shooter cartridges. The eyes in his mask even narrow, in classic Marvel style. And yes, the rumors are true; he’s on Iron Man’s side, and it looks like Cap and the team don’t know about him until he introduces himself the way a Spider-Man should, namely by webbing somebody from above and making a joke.

Black Panther Is Even More Of A Badass Than We Thought

In this trailer, we see Panther pull a Terminator and sprint after a wheeled vehicle. Which he catches, to rather dramatic effect.

Curiously, it appears that T’Challa doesn’t join on for some abstract reason: He’s at the heart of a terrorist attack, and what might potentially be an attempt on his life. Whatever it is, he’s not happy about it, to put it mildly, and seems to believe Bucky is at fault.

Rhodey Might Not Make It Out

It’s been implied here and there that one of the cast doesn’t make it. The trailer rather heavily implies that Jim Rhodes has warred his last, and that Bucky is the one who kills him at the end of the airport fight. That said, that seems a little on-the-nose, so we’ll see just what actually happens.

Still, even if Rhodey survives, Tony has every reason to mistrust Bucky:

So, yeah, Bucky is not doing himself any favors. In fact, Cap might sort of be in the wrong here.

Bucky Is Not Doing Well

The opening of the trailer appears to be Cap visiting Bucky’s old Soviet black ops stomping grounds, and suffice to say, there aren’t many good memories. It looks like Bucky may have lost it, or might have had his brainwashing reactivated. Which makes sense because of what’s conspicuously missing…

Where Are The Villains?

Above you’ll see pretty much the only sign this movie even has any supervillains in the first place, as Crossbones punches out Cap. It’s been suspected for a while that elements of HYDRA cause the split for their own gains, and the fact that they’re nowhere to be found for most of the trailer says quite a bit.

Iron Man’s Team Loses The Airport Fight, Badly

This is a theory, not a fact. But we see Iron Man’s team take it on the chin consistently in this trailer. In addition to the beating Cap hands out to Tony that we’ve seen elsewhere, and Bucky dropping Rhodes with one shot, we see Ant-Man literally slip through Iron Man’s fingers:

And Scarlet Witch proves a robot with an Infinity Gem is no match for her powers:

It’s pretty clear that despite the powerhouses Tony has, Cap’s the better leader.

There’s A Larger Plan

Early on in the trailer, we see a giant, oceanic prison that erupts from the waves. It’s implied to be a place they’re supposed to keep supervillains, but of course, there’s likely more to it. Notice that there are just enough cells to keep Cap’s team contained, for example.

We’ll likely see a bit more before Captain America: Civil War arrives in May. But, until then, at least we have GIFs like this:

Here’s the final trailer once again: