Everything We Learned From The New ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer

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03.10.16 13 Comments

The new Captain America: Civil War trailer is here, and it’s got plenty of new heroes and giddy moments. Here’s what we’ve learned from it, upon repeated rewatchings.

Meet Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

Captain America Civil War Spidey


The big news is that we finally get to meet Spider-Man, and he’s pretty much close to perfect. This is more or less the original Spider-suit, right down to the shape of the eyes and, if you look closely, what appears to be web-shooter cartridges. The eyes in his mask even narrow, in classic Marvel style. And yes, the rumors are true; he’s on Iron Man’s side, and it looks like Cap and the team don’t know about him until he introduces himself the way a Spider-Man should, namely by webbing somebody from above and making a joke.

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