‘Captain EO’ Might Come Back To Change The World Of ‘Disney Infinity’

Ever play Disney Infinity? It’s a popular action-adventure game described as a “toy box” by its developers, and gameplay revolves around collectible figurines that synchronize with the game’s content. Gather more figures, unlock more characters and play more of the game. I’ve never had the chance to play it, but ever since Disney started adding figures from the Marvel universe and elsewhere, it’s become more and more appealing.

Now there’s this bit of news from /Film, who reports that VP of production John Vignocchi is working on what he calls a “passion project”:

Yes. One of the head honchos in charge of Disney Infinity wants to add characters from the spectacularly expensive short film Captain EO to the fray.

If you’ve never seen or heard of Captain EO, then you probably don’t know what it actually means to “roll the window up” in a car. In 1986, Disney theme parks unveiled the film, which was a musical science-fiction action short that (a) was in 3D, and (b) starred Michael Jackson. The film ran from 1986 to 1996, then again from 2010 to 2015 after the singer’s death.

The film boasted an incredibly over-the-top budget of $17 million (in 1986 dollars), but that’s probably because of its impressive pedigree. George Lucas served as executive producer, Steven Spielberg almost directed it and James Horner scored it. Academy Award-winning actress Anjelica Huston starred opposite Jackson. Yes, this all really happened.

If you never had the opportunity to visit a Disney theme park and watch Captain EO in person, you can always check it out on YouTube:

(Via /Film)