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We’ve commented before about how Hollywood has become Pulp-hero crazy, and it looks like they’ve finally gotten to the point of adapting characters that no one knows anything about, specifically Captain Future. The big-screen adaptation (which of course will be in 3D) will be directed by Christian Alvart, who directed Pandorum and Case 39.

Now chances are you’ve heard something about Captain Future…but I’ll bet even most Sci-Fi nerds don’t know anything major about him, like his origin, powers or even who wrote him. That’s largely because the character was never adapted after the original Captain Future pulp magazine stories, apart from a popular 1978 anime series, which we’re betting you haven’t seen either, as it never got air time in the states.

The movie will be based on his origin story, which is: Space scientist Roger Newton, his wife Elaine Newton and their scientist buddy Simon Wright create secluded lab on the moon, where they create a robot, Grag, an artifical shapeshifter, Otho, and put Wright’s brain in a jar after his body dies. Unfortunately, an evil scientist comes and kills the Newtons, orphaning their son Curtis, who the robot, shapeshifter and brain raise to be a scientific genius and perfect physical specimen. When Curtis grows up, he offers to work to help the solar system from baddies under the nom-de-space Captain Future. It’ll be interesting to see one of these pulp adaptations of a property that doesn’t have a vocal fanbase like the Shadow or the Phantom. Theoretically, Alvart can change what he needs to make a good movie from the story without nerds screaming that he’s messing up the properties. Frankly, I just want to see a 3D brain in a jar…that sounds like something that 3D could actually make better.

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