Carrie Fisher Says She’s Coming Back For ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’

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03.06.13 11 Comments

The Palm Beach Illustrated has an interview with Carrie Fisher which is nearly as strange as we’d expect an interview with Carrie Fisher to be. Besides the many questions about Carrie Fisher’s bedroom — geez, Palm Beach Illustrated, take a cold shower — there were two questions of particular interest to us. Fisher confirmed she’ll return as Princess Leia in J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII.

Disney is going to continue the Star Wars saga, producing movies set to hit theaters starting in 2015. Can you confirm whether you’ll reprise the role of Princess Leia?


What do you think Princess Leia is like today?

Elderly. She’s in an intergalactic old folks’ home [laughs]. I just think she would be just like she was before, only slower and less inclined to be up for the big battle.

And still wearing the bagel buns?

The bagel buns and the bikini, because probably she has sundowners syndrome. At sundown, she thinks that she’s 20-something. And she puts it on and gets institutionalized.

This makes Carrie Fisher the first cast member to be confirmed for Star Wars: Episode VII, if she’s not mistaken. Previously, Entertainment Weekly said Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill are “open to the idea” of reprising their roles as well, although nobody has found the time to talk to Hamill about it. Well, maybe if he had better coke, movie executives would call him.

(H/T: io9)

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