Cats Having An Existential Crisis (And Links)

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Bill O’Reilly Seems Nice |Warming Glow|

HIV Case Shuts Down Porn Industry |Film Drunk|

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Is Mike Vick Really Worth $100 Million? |Smoking Section|

This pie will eat your soul |I-Am-Bored|

When (Movie) Animals Attack, A Supercut |GorillaMask|

The 12 Most Annoying Types of College Students |Buzzfeed|

Great Bands That Overcame Crappy Debut Albums |FARK|

Daryl Hannah Got Arrested at the White House |Moviefone|

10 Professions Tim Tebow Should Consider Instead of Football |TSJ|

5 DC Comics Characters That Would Be Awesome on the Small Screen |AOL TV|

VIDEO BELOW: Bert the cat will have none of this doppelgänger. |via|

[Pictures via TastefullyOffensive and SoberInANightclub]

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