Chinese Man Wears Iron Man Costume To The Office

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06.14.11 3 Comments

Telecom worker Wang XiaoKang surprised his coworkers and especially building security when he arrived at the office in Shanghai wearing this homemade, 110 pound armor he built after watching Iron Man.  The 25-year-old spend about 3,000 yuan (US $460) on high-density foam, LEDs, wires, tubes, batteries, etc., and the suit even comes with a custom-build arc reactor light in the chest and a hidden cooling fan.  There’s a video and a bunch of pictures below.

He says it took him three months to build. He also says the security guards initially wouldn’t let him enter the building. Why not? Hasn’t everyone gone to work looking like War Machine?  XiaoKang says he was so happy with his suit that he’ll work on a Mark III replica suit next.  We think we might know what his motivation is:

He claims his armour has proven to be a success, with his bosses praising him and women falling in love with him. [Telegraph, emphasis mine]

I can totally see that happening.  I threw some panties at the screen when I saw this video.  I don’t even know whose panties they were or how they got in my house.  He’s that good.

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