Chris Evans Scared The Hell Out Of ‘Civil War’ Co-Star Elizabeth Olsen On ‘Ellen’

Ellen is always a great place for celebrities to either play pranks on each other or be a victim of one of the hostesses’ diabolical plans. Never forget the time Kristen Bell paid the price for revealing how big a fan of sloths she is before stopping by the show. The latest prank comes courtesy of Chris Evans, his sick sense of humor, and a little help from the team at Ellen. While Evans’ Captain America: Civil War co-star Elizabeth Olsen was unsuspectingly prepping for their appearance, she was told that there are QVC products for her to try out in the bathroom. As you might expect from the entire premise of this article, that was not the case and she paid the price by being scared out of her ever loving mind. Evans found it perfectly hilarious and was super satisfied with himself.

But revenge was in his future, as Ellen got back at him with her own trick. As he is innocently sitting on set chatting and giving his best “hometown Boston boy” smile, somebody dressed as Iron Man jumps out to return the prank favor. Evans’ reaction is priceless, and was surely satisfying for Olsen to witness. As for rumors about whether the two stars are dating in real life, they had an answer for that as well. It probably wasn’t a good idea for them to adorably participate in a dance-off together right after sarcastically denying a relationship though. We’re onto you two!