More Dark Knight Rises Stuff, Christian Bale Got In A High-Speed Chase In China

Christian Bale, pictured on a less exciting day.

Although we no longer have a working embed of The Dark Knight Rises‘ prologue (please accept this kitten video as our apology), we do have a bootleg of the new second trailer which will inevitably also be pulled. That’s embedded below (for now) with another video I’ll get back to in a moment. Screengrabs from the trailer are available at CBM. Here’s a quick summary: it opens with a kid singing the National Anthem at a Gotham Rogues football game while Bane plots something. Alfred lectures Bruce Wayne then, at a party, Selina Kyle whispers in his ear about how he’s got too much money. Bane blows up the football field. Half a second of Marion Cottilard. Then a montage of action shots. Fanboys everywhere throw panties at the screen. The end.

If you missed the prologue or couldn’t figure out what was happening, there’s good news: WWTDD has the six pages of script the prologue was filmed off of, so now we know what Bane was saying. Unfortunately, at no point did he say, “If you want my body and you think I’m sexy come on sugar let me know,” which was totally what I heard.

Finally, the last video below (the one that should still be working by the time you read this) comes from CNN. Christian Bale was part of a car chase while in China for the premiere of The Flowers of War. He tried to visit civil rights activist Chen Guangcheng, who is under house arrest.

Accompanied by a CNN crew, Bale arrived at Chen’s home in Dongshigu Village. Once there, they were immediately confronted by Chinese authorities, who ordered them to go away. Some scuffling followed, and Bale attempted to flee with CNN’s Steven Jiang and the rest of the team in their car. A high-speed chase ensued, with the guards following the pair in gray minivans for 40 minutes through bumpy country roads. [TDW]

Chinese authorities were mad at him? Well, maybe he got in their eyeline while they were trying to shoot something. Wackity schmackity human rights abuses.