Christian Bale Supposedly Returns To The Batsuit For 'Justice League'

03.04.13 5 years ago 18 Comments

How good is Man of Steel? So good that apparently, Warners has decided to pull the trigger on Justice League, with Zack Snyder directing, Christopher Nolan as producer… and, supposedly, Christian Bale as Batman.

That last we’re honestly a bit skeptical of, but everything else stated about the franchise makes sense:

Warner Bros. is handing the DC Universe reins over to Christopher Nolan, Zack Snyder and David Goyer. The tentative plan is for Snyder to direct JUSTICE LEAGUE from a story devised by Nolan and Goyer. Snyder’s deal isn’t in place, but considering how ecstatic everyone at WB is about MAN OF STEEL, the studio will make that deal.

If you haven’t been following the hype about Man of Steel, by all accounts DC has finally cracked what makes a Superman movie appeal to a larger audience. Superman Returns is a great Superman movie in a lot of ways, especially in the sense that it’s got a dryly funny tone and an understanding the only real way to wound Superman is emotionally, but people wanted to see him hit something, and by all accounts, Snyder’s movie delivers.

It’s not surprising: Watchmen was not a movie he should have directed, but the first twenty minutes are a superb superhero movie, and even though Snyder was completely wrong for the material, he still turned out a watchable, solid adaptation. Considering he’s pretty well aligned with Superman, it’s not surprising he delivered a movie worth watching.

Our first question is, at that price range, will this be Justice League or World’s Finest? Because Bale playing Batman, what with the whole “Hey, every time I growl you make a billion dollars” thing, is decidedly not cheap. And while bringing Bale and Nolan on board fixes most of what we foresaw as a problem for the Justice League movie, we can’t help thinking this would be the Clark and Bruce Show anyway.

Our second question is how soon until you can take our money, Warners?

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