Christopher Meloni Trades SVU For Superman Reboot

06.27.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

After 12 years of investigating disturbing sex crimes and crossing-the-line-once-again every week, Christopher Meloni has shocked Law & Order: SVU fans by announcing that he’s leaving his role as Det. Elliot Stabler. But before you think he’ll disappear forever into the land of former prime time TV stars, it looks like he’s already grabbed a sweet new film role in the upcoming Superman reboot Man of Steel.

While you might assume from Meloni’s incredibly large, bald forehead that he’d be playing Lex Luthor (and in fact, many did so), he told Vulture that he’ll be playing a general in the film, although he wouldn’t elaborate any further. We should add that he won’t be playing General Zod, either. That role’s gone to Boardwalk Empire‘s Michael Shannon.

Now chances are Meloni’s just going to play a basic run-of-the-mill army general (or possibly Lois Lane’s Army general dad?), but don’t you think he’d make a pretty good General Wade Eilling, the crazy bastard who put his brain in the giant body of the original Shaggy Man? It certainly couldn’t be worse that making a movie about Superman discovering and abandoning his asthmatic half-Kryptonian son. I mean, who’d make a movie like that?

[via Vulture]

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