Cleverly Disguised Dogs and Links

10.15.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

Why Can’t Celebrities Use Twitter This Week? [UproxxNews]

Frotcast 18: Black Dynamite director Scott Sanders, Tonya Harding Fan Fic [Filmdrunk]

Cat Versus Dog Car Chase! [

Favre’s Junk Is All Over The Place [WithLeather]

Football in Brett Favre’s Groin: The GIF [KSK]

The Last Curtain Call: Hip-Hop Salutes Bobby Cox [TSS]

20 Cats in Festive Pumpkin Costumes [Buzzfeed]

Old Spice parodies [Gunaxin]

Eight Strange Phone Sex Lines You’ll Never Call [TSJ]

20 Familiar Films Re-Edited to Avoid the Dreaded NC-17 Rating [UGO]

7 company documentaries that would be worth seeing [EgoTV]

10 Signature Moments of Season Four of “Mad Men” Reduced to GIFs [Pajiba]

VIDEO BELOW: Fred the bulldog imitates an elephant [via Arbroath]

[Pictures via wellthatsadorable and Reddit]

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