College Administrator To Detox His Students From Facebook

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09.13.10 25 Comments

Eric Darr, the Provost of Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, has decided he wants to see how important social media is to our lives by the pretty simple method of cutting it off for a week.

Seriously. It must be good to be provost.

Darr has a lot of blather and justification about how it’s an experiment to see how important it is to us and to look at the choices we make in the absence of Facebook, but come on, man. You’re doing this because you’ve got the power and it’s really funny. You know for a fact most students pay attention approximately five nanoseconds to any email marked “From the Provost”, so you’re going to teach them a little lesson. Admit it, Mr. Darr, you giggled when you did this.

Hell, we’re giggling. It’s going to be fun in Harrisburg the week this happens. “You mean we actually have to call people to coordinate our drinking?!”

[ via TechCrunch ]

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