James Gunn Hints That A ‘New Technology’ Might Stop Comic-Con Fans From Leaking Trailers

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With San Diego Comic-Con only a week away, fans finally have an almost-complete idea of what will be in store for them at this year’s big event. Specifically, Hall H is going to be slammed with the biggest movies and TV shows, with Warner Bros. bringing Wonder Woman and King Arthur, James Cameron joining Sigourney Weaver and others for a 30th anniversary panel on Aliens, and of course Marvel’s Kevin Feige will be on hand to walk us through all of the amazing things that will keep happening to his incredible cinematic universe. And that’s barely even the tiniest tip of the iceberg.

Speaking of Marvel, James Gunn and Chris Pratt will be appearing at the Marvel presentation on Saturday, June 23, presumably to provide fans with a first look at Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. If there’s one thing that Gunn loves to do, it’s tease his loyal fans, and so he told one commenter on a recent Facebook post that Hall H attendees “might see something,” which means yes they will definitely see something, and most likely one of them will use a cell phone to record it so all of us unlucky a-holes can watch it, too, right?

Not so fast, bootleggers and butt-cam pirates.

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New technology, eh? You know, some of us blue collar fans who aren’t able to make the journey to San Diego each year and spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to be herded like brand-loyal sheep through massive shrines to studio marketing like to get a glimpse of the upcoming blockbusters, too. But I get it, it’s freaking Comic-Con, so it’s all about the fan experience. How do they plan to ensure that what happens in San Diego stays in San Diego?

One guess would be Apple’s new technology that can disable iPhones in specific venues, like concerts, museums, or giant geek conventions.

… venues could use infrared emitters to broadcast an infrared signal that would temporarily disable smartphone cameras.

Ironically, the receiver for the infrared signal that would block smartphone cameras would be the smartphone cameras themselves. (Via Tech Insider)

But we like to think Comic-Con will use a more traditional approach to discourage bootlegging…

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