‘Red Rover Charlie #1’ And Other Comics Of Note, December 4th

Garth Ennis asks how dogs would deal with humanity going to hell. And it’s a pretty compelling piece of work, a horror comic book that will make you really want to hug your dog, plus looks at books from DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, IDW, Avatar and Archie.

Garth Ennis, at his worst, is pretty bad; he goes for “shock value”, and his idea of “shock value” is stultifyingly pedestrian. But when he cuts the crap, on a book like Red Team, or this, and just writes a story, the results tend to be great. And so it is with Red Rover Charlie, about how dogs deal with the rage virus epidemic.

Part of this is just smart writing on the part of Ennis. He establishes the rules quickly, and ensures that we see the world through the eyes of dogs. What feels crappy and cheap in your average zombie book becomes wrenching when you’re introduced to Charlie, a service dog whose owner is dead and on fire, barking “I’m a dog! I’m a dog! I’m a dog!” over and over again. What makes the book work is that our heroes have no idea what’s going on, at all. All they know is that the “feeders” have suddenly become very, very dangerous. They may not be affected by whatever killing the humans… but they’re still victims caught in the crossfire.

Michael Dipascale’s art adds immeasurably to the book, not least because he’s willing to show some pretty horrific and bloody acts without being over-the-top about it. That said, yes, this book gets pretty horrific. Similarly, his depiction of dogs is realistic but full of emotion; dog owners are going to recognize looks and mannerisms in his art, which is incredibly hard to do.

It’s not perfect; despite dogs not understanding human language at all, at least one seems to know human profanity a little too well, and it does break up the flow of the book. But it’s a compelling story that’s hard to put down, and highly recommended.

So that’s one book to pick up; what about the rest of this week’s books?

<!–pagetitle:Inhumanity #1–>

Matt Fraction and Oliver Coipel start off Marvel’s next round of heroes with… well, basically a pretty long exposition dump. Fraction’s facility with dialogue, and Coipel’s art, make it a quick and fun read, but this creative team deserved to be allowed to start things in the thick of the action. Why does this book start with Karnak, and not one of the newly minted Inhumans? I’m assuming that’s editorial’s choice, not Fraction’s, but it feels a bit locked off, an odd choice for a #1.

<!–pagetitle:Carbon Grey Vol. 3 #1–>

Paul Gardner and Hoang Nguyen commit the cardinal sin of number ones: Assuming that anybody who picks it up has obsessively read the last two volumes. If you’re a fan of this, you’ll enjoy this for the cheesy fantasy-pulp it is, but if you haven’t read this series before, it’s going to be just a wee bit impenetrable. Nguyen, Khari Evans, and Kinsun Loh can sure make some beautiful art, at least.

<!–pagetitle:Terminator: Salvation: The Final Battle #1–>

That’s an impressive case of colon cancer in that title. Anyway, J. Michael Stracyznski and Pete Woods attempt to wrap up the Terminator franchise just in time for the new movie coming in 2015. It’s a solid enough book, and Stracyznski has a few interesting threads in play, but it feels a bit rote at this point. Dark Horse has a preview up, so you can decide for yourself.

<!–pagetitle:Deadworld: Restoration #1–>

Gary Reed and Sami Makkonen have another miniseries in this zombie book from the ’80s and… well to be honest it’s kind of a wreck. The plot depends heavily on you having read all the previous miniseries, and Makkonen’s art style, while interesting, can be a little confusing and messy. It’ll be great for fans and people who love that Ben Templesmith kind of scribbly style, but for others it may not be so great. Here’s a preview to help you decide.

Christos Gage is a talented writer, and Paul Duffield does well with the manga style, but this book is so generically “shocking” and “Japanese pulp” that it’s really pretty much only for fans of Absolution willing to look past those flaws. Yeah, yeah, she’s a ninja in a schoolgirl outfit. Whatever. She cleaved a dude in half, I get it, she’s an action chick, how about we actually do something interesting with that concept? Considering the people involved, a disappointing book.

<!–pagetitle:Avengers Annual 2013–>

Kathryn Immonen and David Lafuente explore just what the core Avengers do on Christmas. The plot’s a little familiar, albeit anchored by a cleverly designed new character, but it’s fun to see what Cap, Tony, Bruce and the rest get up to for the holidays.

<!–pagetitle:Indestructible Hulk Annual #1–>

Jeff Parker and Mahmud Asrar deal with the question of why, precisely, noble men like Tony Stark and Bruce Banner built bombs and weapons for so long while they find themselves chasing after a profoundly cynical former mentor. Parker raises the questions in a smart, organic way and really captures the banter between Tony and Bruce quite well; Asrar, meanwhile, has a blast playing with the essential concept of the book, which we won’t ruin here. Suffice to say, it’s a great story and worth the money.

<!–pagetitle:Amazing X-Men #2–>

Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness have way, way too much fun taking this book to new heights of the ridiculous. They do a good job of maintaining the stakes, while having fun with the metaphysics of superheroes in the afterlife, fighting demonic pirates. Who are led by captains like Jack the Ripper and Billy The Kid. It’s a giddy, swashbuckling book and a lot of fun.

<!–pagetitle:Velvet #2–>

Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting continue their ’70s spy adventure, and honestly, it’s a blast. Brubaker and Epting are obviously big fans of the espionage genre, but are also smart enough to dodge the cliches and keep the book grounded; Velvet is a super-spy, not a superhero. A great action book and highly recommended.

<!–pagetitle:Burn The Orphanage: Born To Lose #2–>

Sina Grace and Daniel Freedman’s tribute to the goofy fighting games of the ’90s is a blast, pure and simple. The last issue gently mocked Final Fight; this issue makes affectionate fun of Mortal Kombat. All it needs is a metal song playing constantly, and it’s a pitch perfect book. If you have any fondness for Capcom and Midway’s classic arcade games, or just like a good action book, put this in your sub folder.

<!–pagetitle:The Fox #2–>

Dean Haspiel, after a fun and slightly Eisnerian first issue, goes full-on, hilariously trippy with this issue, with the Fox sucked into something of a conundrum. You can pick this up without needing to read #1, and I highly recommend you do, not only because the main story is funny and fun, but because there’s an equally great, if more serious, J.M. DeMatteis and Mike Cavallaro story about The Shield which has some real promise as well.

<!–pagetitle:Hinterkind #3–>

Ian Edginton and Francesco Trifogli take a pretty sharp turn towards the close of this book, a welcome swerve that both raises the stakes and makes this post-apocalypse meets fairy-tale story something different, to say the least. It’s worth picking this up if you’re curious… it’s becoming a sleeper surprise from Vertigo.

<!–pagetitle:The Occultist #3–>

Giving a horny college student a book of spells seems like a bad idea, and Tim Seeley and Mike Norton are really enjoying exploring just how bad an idea it actually is. This series has been a fun mix of Doctor Strange and Spider-Man, and if you haven’t been following it, it’s well worth picking up.

<!–pagetitle:Grindhouse: Doors Open At Midnight #3–>

This book fires up a new story with “Prison Ship Antares”, essentially Alex Di Campi and Simon Fraser’s take on a women in prison movie… except in space. It’s a lot more solid that the first story this book opened with, but it’s still a little cheesy in some respects. Still, worth picking up if you’re into SF.

It’s a yeoman effort from Mike Johnson, but the idea of Khan as a misunderstood benevolent ruler kind of doesn’t work, considering what a monster he’s seen as in the actual movies. It must be said, though, that there are some nice little touches and shout-outs to the original series in this book. Curious? Here’s a preview to judge for yourself.

<!–pagetitle:The Star Wars #4–>

Dark Horse’s bizarrely fascinating adaptation of the first draft of Star Wars just keeps becoming more bizarre and more fascinating. Wait until you see the original Han Solo! Recommended as a curiosity, if nothing else.

<!–pagetitle:Hellboy In Hell #5–>

Mike Mignola returns Hellboy to its roots with a story about saving a man who sold his soul to the Devil. It’s a one-off story, but it’s an engaging one that brings what so many love about the original series to the fore; the feeling of folklore, the moody art, the dream-like atmosphere. Highly recommended.

<!–pagetitle:Catalyst Comix #6–>

Joe Casey’s anthology book is slowly coming into focus, with the Frank Wells story in particular making an effort to stand out. What can a superpowered hero really do against the worst the world has to offer? It’s an interesting set of questions, and a fun superhero book.

<!–pagetitle:The Victories #7–>

Michael Avon Oeming closes this arc with a requiem for D.D. Mau, his foul-mouthed, somewhat tacky, emotionally tortured speedster. It’s simultaneously an interesting story and a sad one, and worth getting if you’re a fan of Oeming.

<!–pagetitle:Earth 2 #18–>

Tom Taylor is rather shamelessly milking the story of who, precisely, this new Earth 2 Batman is, but it’s so well done, and Taylor has so much latitude, that you don’t really care. Show up for the final twist, if nothing else.

<!–pagetitle:Action Comics #26–>

It’s often said that the only interesting Superman story is his origin. I happen to disagree; I think the best and most interesting Superman stories are the ones about how Superman works, emotionally. Part of the reason the story “For The Man Who Has Everything” is so painful is that Alan Moore deftly hits on the tragedy of Superman: He doesn’t actually want to be Superman. He wants to be a normal person.

We happen to be in the middle of two interesting runs on Superbooks, with Scott Snyder on Superman Unchained, and Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder on Action Comics. And this issue marks why, precisely, Pak and Kuder are such a good fit for Supes.

The issue is seemingly a generic Superman story, on the surface. It’s Superman fighting a giant monster. But the issue is complicated somewhat by the presence of Lana Lang… and the fact that Superman quickly discovers that he’s got more in common with the giant monster he’s supposed to be fighting than the humans he’s supposed to be protecting. Is Superman, for all his morals and seeming humanity, really any different?

Pak deftly develops Lana and Clark as people, and Kuder’s art, always a stand-out, really pays off in the monster design; he gives it the feel of a puppy while making it look like a threat. It ends with a surprisingly sad and thoughtful splash panel that’s about both how Superman feels and what he represents will stick with you for a while. This book is a one-off, and frankly, it’s one worth the $4 to read.

<!–pagetitle:Amazing Spider-Man #700.1–>

Ugggggggh, decimal numbering. David Morrell and Klaus Janson deliver a solid and interesting Spidey story, however, about Peter Parker struggling with, what else, great responsibility. It’s not an earth-shaking Spidey book, but it’s good to have Peter back.

Action Comics #26 (Aaron Kuder Black & White Variant Cover), AR
Action Comics #26 (Aaron Kuder Regular Cover), $3.99
Batman Black And White Batman Arkham Origins Statue, $79.95
Batman Superman #6 (Brett Booth & Norm Rapmund Black & White Variant Cover), AR
Batman Superman #6 (Brett Booth & Norm Rapmund Combo Pack Cover), $4.99
Batman Superman #6 (Brett Booth & Norm Rapmund Regular Cover), $3.99
Batman Superman #6 (Cliff Chiang Variant Cover), AR
Batwing #26, $2.99
DC Comics Essentials Watchmen #1, $1.00
DC Universe Vs The Masters Of The Universe #3 (Of 6), $2.99
Detective Comics #26 (Jason Fabok Black & White Variant Cover), AR
Detective Comics #26 (Jason Fabok Combo Pack Cover), $4.99
Detective Comics #26 (Jason Fabok Regular Cover), $3.99
Earth 2 #18 (Ethan Van Sciver Black & White Variant Cover), AR
Earth 2 #18 (Ethan Van Sciver Regular Cover), $2.99
Fairest #21, $2.99
Gears Of War Volume 3 Dirty Little Secrets TP, $19.99
Green Arrow #26 (Andrea Sorrentino Black & White Variant Cover), AR
Green Arrow #26 (Andrea Sorrentino Regular Cover), $2.99
Green Lantern #26 (Billy Tan Black & White Variant Cover), AR
Green Lantern #26 (Billy Tan Combo Pack Edition), $3.99
Green Lantern #26 (Billy Tan Regular Cover), $2.99
Green Lantern Corps Volume 2 Alpha War TP, $16.99
Green Lantern Corps Volume 3 Willpower HC, $24.99
Hinterkind #3, $2.99
Looney Tunes #216, $2.99
Movement #7, $2.99
Nightwing Volume 3 Death Of The Family TP, $16.99
Saga Of The Swamp Thing Volume 5 TP, $14.99
Savage Hawkman Volume 2 Wanted TP, $19.99
Stormwatch #26, $2.99
Super Best Friends Forever Batgirl Super Secret Storage Box, $24.95
Super Best Friends Forever Supergirl Super Secret Storage Box, $24.95
Super Best Friends Forever Wonder Girl Super Secret Storage Box, $24.95
Swamp Thing #26, $2.99
Trillium #5 (Of 8), $2.99
Trinity Of Sin The Phantom Stranger #14, $2.99

Age Of Ultron #1 (Of 10)(Ken Haeser Remarked Edition)(Dynamic Forces ), $89.99
All-New Marvel NOW Postcard (Promotional Item),
Amazing Spider-Man #700.1 (Klaus Janson Variant Cover), AR
Amazing Spider-Man #700.1 (Pasqual Ferry Regular Cover), $3.99
Amazing X-Men #2 (Dale Keown Variant Cover), AR
Amazing X-Men #2 (Ed McGuinness Regular Cover), $3.99
Avengers #1 (John Romita Sr Signed Midtown Variant Cover)(Dynamic Force), $99.99
Avengers Annual 2013 #1, $4.99
Avengers The Enemy Within TP, $15.99
Cataclysm The Ultimates’ Last Stand #2 (Of 5)(Mark Bagley Regular Cover), $3.99
Cataclysm The Ultimates’ Last Stand #2 (Of 5)(Mico Suayan Variant Cover), AR
Daredevil Dark Nights #7 (Of 8), $2.99
Deadpool #20, $2.99
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Fantomex MAX #3 (Of 4), $3.99
Fearless Defenders #12 (Final Issue), $3.99
Guardians Of The Galaxy #1 (CGC Graded 9.8)(Dynamic Forces), $89.99
Guardians Of The Galaxy #9 (Francesco Francavilla Regular Cover), $3.99
Guardians Of The Galaxy #9 (Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Variant Cover), AR
Indestructible Hulk Annual #1, $4.99
Inhumanity #1 (Nick Bradshaw Variant Cover), AR
Inhumanity #1 (Olivier Coipel Regular Cover), $3.99
Inhumanity #1 (Skottie Young Variant Cover), AR
Iron Man #19, $3.99
Iron Man Volume 3 The Secret Origin Of Tony Stark Book 2 HC (Premiere Edition), $24.99
Longshot Saves The Marvel Universe #3 (Of 4), $2.99
Marvel Knights Spider-Man #3 (Of 5), $3.99
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Marvel Universe Hulk And The Agents Of S.M.A.S.H. #3 (Of 4), $2.99
Nova Classic Volume 2 TP, $29.99
Painkiller Jane The Price Of Freedom #2 (Of 4), $2.99
Secret Avengers #12, $3.99
Star-Lord Worlds On The Brink, $7.99
Superior Spider-Man #23 (Humberto Ramos Regular Cover), $3.99
Superior Spider-Man #23 (Skottie Young Variant Cover), AR
Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #7, $3.99
Thor By Walter Simonson Volume 3 TP, $29.99
Uncanny Avengers #15/Deadpool #21 Mini-Poster (Promotional Item), AR
Wolverine #1 (CGC Graded 9.8)(Dynamic Forces), $99.99
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X-Men Legacy #21, $2.99
Young Avengers #13, $2.99

Burn The Orphanage Born To Lose #2 (Of 3)(Cover A Sina Grace), $4.99
Burn The Orphanage Born To Lose #2 (Of 3)(Cover B Tradd Moore), $4.99
Carbon Grey Volume 3 #1 (Of 2)(Cover A Hoang Nguyen & Kinsun Loh), $3.99
Carbon Grey Volume 3 #1 (Of 2)(Cover B Khari Evans & Kinsun Loh), $3.99
Chew Smorgasbord Edition Volume 1 HC (Signed & Numbered Limited Edition), $150.00
Elephantmen #52, $3.99
Ghosted Volume 1 TP, $9.99
Great Pacific #12, $2.99
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Lazarus #1 (CGC Graded 9.8)(Dynamic Forces), $99.99
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Reality Check #4 (Of 4), $2.99
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Velvet #2, $2.99

Catalyst Comix #6 (Of 9), $2.99
CBLDF Presents Manga Introduction Challenges And Best Practices TP, $15.99
Grindhouse Doors Open At Midnight #3 (Of 8), $3.99
Hellboy In Hell #5, $2.99
Michael Avon Oeming’s The Victories #7, $3.99
Occultist #3 (Of 5), $3.50
Star Wars #1 (Of 8)(Lucas Draft)(Nick Runge 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Star Wars #4 (Of 8)(Lucas Draft), $3.99
Terminator Salvation The Final Battle #1 (Of 12)(Pete Woods Regular Cover), $3.99
Terminator Salvation The Final Battle #1 (Of 12)(Pete Woods Variant Cover), AR
To Hell You Ride HC, $24.99
To Hell You Ride HC (Limited Edition), $99.99

Deadworld Restoration #1 (Of 4)(Cover A Sami Makkonen), $3.99
Deadworld Restoration #1 (Of 4)(Cover SUB Sami Makkonen), $3.99
Dinosaurs Attack #5 (of 5)(Cover A Earl Norem), $3.99
Doctor Who #16 (Cover A Mark Buckingham), $3.99
Doctor Who #16 (Cover RI Robert Hack), AR
Doctor Who #16 (Cover SUB Photo), $3.99
Dungeons And Dragons Cutter HC, $24.99
Dungeons And Dragons Forgotten Realms TP, $19.99
Fever Ridge A Tale Of MacArthur’s Jungle War Volume 1 TP, $19.99
G.I. JOE A Real American Hero #197 (Cover A S L Gallant), $3.99
G.I. JOE A Real American Hero #197 (Cover RI Larry Hama), AR
G.I. JOE A Real American Hero Volume 8 TP, $19.99
Judge Dredd #14 (Cover A Brendan McCarthey), $3.99
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Judge Dredd Classics #6 (Cover A Jim Fern), $3.99
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #1 (Katie Cook Signed Edition)(Dynamic Forces), $29.99
Other Dead #1 (Of 5)(2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Star Trek Khan #3 (Of 5)(Cover A Paul Shipper), $3.99
Star Trek Khan #3 (Of 5)(Cover RI Andrew Currie), AR
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Star Trek The Next Generation Doctor Who Assimilation2 #8 (Of 8)(Gordon Purcell Signed & Remarked Edition)(Dynamic Forces), $69.99
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Villain Micro-Series #8 (Shredder)(Cover A Tyler Walpole), $3.99
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Transformers More Than Meets The Eye #24 (Dark Cybertron Part 4 Of 12)(Cover A Casey W. Coller), $3.99
Transformers More Than Meets The Eye #24 (Dark Cybertron Part 4 Of 12)(Cover RI James Raiz), AR
Transformers More Than Meets The Eye #24 (Dark Cybertron Part 4 Of 12)(Cover SUB Phil Jimenez), $3.99
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Triple Helix #3 (Of 4)(Cover A John Byrne), $3.99
Triple Helix #3 (Of 4)(Cover SUB John Byrne), $3.99

Adventure Time Volume 2 Pixel Princesses GN, $11.99
Garfield #20 (Cover A Gary Barker), $3.99
Herobear And The Kid The Inheritance #5 (Of 5)(Cover A Mike Kunkel), $3.99
Regular Show #7 (Cover A Andy Hirsch), $3.99
Regular Show #7 (Cover B Caroline Breault), $3.99
Regular Show #7 (Cover C Anthony Clark), AR
Regular Show #7 (Cover D Jones Wiedle), AR
Robocop Last Stand #5 (Of 8)(Cover A Declan Shalvey), $3.99
Six-Gun Gorilla #6 (Of 6)(Cover A Ramon Perez), $3.99
Suicide Risk #8 (Cover A Tommy Lee Edwards), $3.99

Archer And Armstrong Volume 3 Far Faraway TP, $14.99
Quantum And Woody #6 (Clayton Crain Regular Cover), $3.99
Quantum And Woody #6 (Kalman Andrasofszky Variant Cover), AR
Shadowman #13 (Ben Templesmith Valiant Signature Series Variant Cover), AR
Shadowman #13 (Miguel Sepulveda Pullbox Variant Cover), $3.99
Shadowman #13 (Roberto De La Torre Regular Cover), $3.99
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Pirate Eye Iron Bars Wretched Tales (One Shot), $2.99
Princeless Encore Edition #1 (Of 4), $1.00

Girl Genius Volume 5 The Clockwork Princess TP (New Printing), $25.00

Cavewoman Sea Monsters (One Shot), $3.75
Cavewoman Sea Monsters (One Shot)(Budd Root Special Edition), AR
Cavewoman Sea Monsters (One Shot)(Special Edition), AR

Steam Wars #3, $3.99

Hawken Melee #1 (Of 5), $3.99
Moon Lake Volume 2 HC, $24.95
Mouse Guard Legends Of The Guard Volume 2 #4, $3.50
Mouse Guard Legends Of The Guard Volume 2 HC, $19.95

Archie #650 (Dan Parent Regular Cover), $3.99
Archie #650 (Fiona Staples World Tour Variant Cover), $3.99
Archie Double Digest #246, $3.99
Fox #2 (Dean Haspiel Regular Cover), $2.99
Fox #2 (Paul Pope Get Freaky Variant Cover), $2.99
Sonic The Hedgehog #255 (Ben Bates Regular Cover), $2.99
Sonic The Hedgehog #255 (Tyler Capps Freedom Fighter Variant Cover), $2.99

Magic Words The Extraordinary Life Of Alan Moore HC, $29.95

Absolution Happy Kitty Special #1 (Paul Duffield Character Design Incentive Cover), AR
Absolution Happy Kitty Special #1 (Paul Duffield Japanese Art Cover), $3.99
Absolution Happy Kitty Special #1 (Paul Duffield Regular Cover), $3.99
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Rover Red Charlie #1 (Of 6)(Michael Dipascale Dog Days Incentive Cover), AR
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Comic Shop News #1381, AR

Brooklyn Quesadillas GN, $15.00
Pick-A-Plot Volume 2 You Are A Cat In The Zombie Apocalypse SC, $18.00

Monster Bash Special #1 (Ray Harryhausen), $8.99

Ehmm Theory #4 (Of 4), $2.99

Ash And The Army Of Darkness #2 (Ben Templesmith Regular Cover), $3.99
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Battlestar Galactica #3 (Alex Ross Virgin Variant Cover)(not verified by Diamond), AR
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Kevin Smith’s The Bionic Man #26 (Jonathan Lau Regular Cover), $3.99
Legends Of Red Sonja #2 (Of 5)(Frank Thorne Subscription Variant Cover), $3.99
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Lords Of Mars #5 (Of 6)(Alex Ross Regular Cover), $3.99
Lords Of Mars #5 (Of 6)(Ardian Syaf Black & White Variant Cover), AR
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Lords Of Mars #5 (Of 6)(Mel Rubi Risque Variant Cover), AR
Mocking Dead #4 (Of 4)(Bill Tortolini Regular Cover), $3.99
Mocking Dead #4 (Of 4)(Max Dunbar Subscription Variant Cover), $3.99
Noir #2 (Of 5)(Ardian Syaf Black & White Variant Cover), AR
Noir #2 (Of 5)(Ardian Syaf Regular Cover), $3.99
Red Sonja Unchained #4 (Of 4)(Mel Rubi Red Variant Cover)(not verified by Diamond), AR
Shadow Green Hornet Dark Nights #2 (Of 5)(Alex Ross Sketch Variant Cover)(not verified by Diamond), AR
Shadow Green Hornet Dark Nights #2 (Of 5)(John Cassaday Black & White Variant Cover)(not verified by Diamond), AR
Shadow Now #3 (Of 6)(Chris Worley Subscription Variant Cover), $3.99
Shadow Now #3 (Of 6)(Tim Bradstreet Regular Cover), $3.99
Vampirella #31 (Fabiano Neves Black & White Variant Cover)(not verified by Diamond), AR
Vampirella Southern Gothic #1 (Of 5)(Johnny Desjardins Black & White Variant Cover)(not verified by Diamond), AR
Vampirella Southern Gothic #1 (Of 5)(Johnny Desjardins Red Variant Cover)(not verified by Diamond), AR

DC Superhero Chess Figurine Collection Magazine #45 (Power Girl White Pawn), $16.00
Marvel Fact Files #2 (Wolverine Cover), $6.00

Artists Authors Thinkers Directors HC, $19.99
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This Is Hollywood GN, $16.95

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About Time Volume 7 The Unauthorized Guide To Doctor Who 2005-2006 Series 1 And 2 TP, $34.95

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Famous Monsters Of Filmland #271 (January/February 2013)(not verified by Diamond), $9.99

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Power Rangers Megaforce Volume 4 Broken World SC, $7.99
Power Rangers Megaforce Volume 4 Broken World HC, $11.99

Pokemon Black And White Volume 13 GN, $4.99

Slimed An Oral History Of Nickelodeon’s Golden Age HC, $20.00

Geek’s Guide To Dating SC, $14.95

DC Super Heroes Golden Book Bundle, $11.97

2000 AD Pack October 2013 (1852-1856), $26.25

Alternative Movie Posters Film Art From The Underground HC, $34.99

Alice Loves Fables Toy Box GN, $13.99
Dance In The Vampire Bund The Memories Of Sledge Hammer Volume 1 GN, $13.99
Dracula Everlasting Volume 3 GN, $11.99
Kanokon Omnibus Volume 3 GN, $18.99
Sacred Blacksmith Volume 3 GN, $13.99

Bettie Page In Danger #10 (Celebration Set With DVD), $19.95
Bettie Page In Danger Holiday Special (One Shot), $9.95
Bettie Page In Danger Holiday Special Gift Set (One Shot), $19.95

Fangoria #329, $10.99

Numbercruncher HC, $19.99

Westward #6, $3.50

Dangerous Women Anthology HC, $32.50
Robert Jordan’s The Eye Of The World Volume 4 HC, $24.99

Alter Ego #122, $8.95
Brickjournal #26, $8.95
Comic Book Creator #3, $8.95

Vamps Tramps And Beauties The Pinup Art Of Greg Hildebrandt SC, $19.95

Demon Love Spell Volume 5 GN, $9.99
Dengeki Daisy Volume 13 GN, $9.99
Dragon Ball 3-In-1 Edition Volume 3 TP, $14.99
Happy Marriage Volume 3 GN, $9.99
Hunter X Hunter Volume 31 TP, $9.99
One Piece Volume 69 TP, $9.99
Skip Beat Volume 32 TP, $9.99
Slam Dunk Volume 31 GN, $9.99

Shiro Amano The Artwork Of Kingdom Hearts TP, $28.00

Grimm Fairy Tales Presents 2013 Holiday Special (Cove A Alfredo Reyes), $5.99
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents 2013 Holiday Special (Cover B Steven Cummings), $5.99
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Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Different Seasons Volume 3 TP, $17.99
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Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Wonderland #18 (Cover A Franchesco), $2.99
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Wonderland #18 (Cover B Eric J), $2.99
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Wonderland #18 (Cover C Nei Ruffino), $2.99
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Wonderland #18 (Cover D Carlos Granda), $2.99
Hit List #3 (Of 5)(Cover A Harvey Tolibao), $2.99
Hit List #3 (Of 5)(Cover B Jamal Igle), $2.99
Hit List #3 (Of 5)(Cover C Drew Edward Johnson), $2.99
Hit List #3 (Of 5)(Cover D Tommy Patterson), $2.99