John Constantine Stops By ‘Arrow’ For A Good Ol’ Exorcism

A funny thing happened right before NBC finally decided to ax Constantine in June. Stephen Amell, star of fellow DC Comics property Arrow on The CW, discussed the possibility of Oliver Queen appearing on the troubled show. Cancellation meant this would never happen, but Amell’s idea sowed the seeds of another possibility: What if Matt Ryan brought his incarnation of John Constantine over to Arrow for a crossover?

This is precisely what The CW said would happen in August, and the latest promo for next week’s appropriately-titled episode, “Haunted,” previews the Star City debut of the smoking, cursing British exorcist. The premise? Sarah Lance (Caity Lotz) is back from the dead, but something came back with her. Dealing with whatever is controlling her is far beyond Queen’s means, so he puts in a call to an old friend.

“What your sister needs is a restoration of her soul to her body,” Constantine tells the group. When they worry about things going awry, the John Constantine we all know and love quips: “If things go wrong, then we’ll all be too dead to care.”

If this promo is any indication, The CW will realize how great Ryan is as Constantine and figure out a way to bring the show back for a second season. A second, better-than-that-NBC-controlled-monstrosity-of-a-first-season second season filled with all kinds of wonderfully demented things.

(Via The CW)