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06.09.11 7 years ago

MC Hammer Next To Be Sacrificed To The Juggalos At Their Annual Gathering [Uproxx]

50 Objects That Look A Little Like Jesus [Uproxx]

12 Of The Most Eye-Opening Best Of Behind-The-Scenes Photos [Uproxx]

P Diddy models his Zach Galifianakis t-shirt [Filmdrunk]

TV Gourmet: The Good Morning Burger, Rachel’s Trifle, and Other TV Food [WarmingGlow]

Yo! Andrea Petkovic Raps [WithLeather]

Lupe Fiasco: Obama Is “The Biggest Terrorist” [TSS]

The NY Times Names Lloyd Banks New York’s Most Important Rapper [RealTalkNY]

Time To Waste With Uwe Boll [AdultSwim]

John Malkovich Robbed In Prague [ForkParty]

The Bruce Willis And Bruce Willis Portrait [NextRound]

‘The Heming Way’: Bro Icon Ernest Hemingway On Women [Brobible]

The Most Valuable Comics On the Market: Check Dad’s Basement [UGO]

Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Oshokuji no Jikan DVD [ToplessRobot]

When Should We Stop Calling Them “Girls”? The Coolest Chicks Of The Bond Flicks [Pajiba]

DC Comics’ reboot of its entire superhero line happens to feature Superboy with a tattoo. BUT HOW? [Fark]

VIDEO BELOW: Epic beer commercial [via Buzzfeed]

[Banner picture by Velorazzo via Buzzfeed]

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