Corridor Digital Shocks With A Battlefield 3 Fan Film

PROTIP: Always bring a defibrillator to an engulfed-in-flames knife fight.

We’ve featured the work of Sam Gorski and Nick Pueringer of Corridor Digital here before; they made awesome fan films based on Call of Duty and Team Fortress 2 and dipped into sci-fi with Prism. Their specialty is making amusing, sometimes-surreal, special-effects-heavy short films with a small budget, and they continue that tradition with “Shock Troopers”, a short based on Battlefield 3 which explains why the assault class has defibrillators.

As usual, the production value on this is surprisingly high compared to what they had to work with, although everything after 2:45 might have you screaming, “GAHHH, JUST PICK UP THEIR WEAPONS.” Or maybe that was just me? I also yelled at 3:45, “Not clear, dumbass!” Yes, I often shout at YouTube videos for not being 100% scientifically accurate. I’m a busy guy.