Of Course ‘Futurama’ Went Out On A High Note

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09.05.13 28 Comments


Right before the last episode of Futurama, I wrote an essay about how the show was hit or miss lately. So, leave it to the writing team to end with an episode that hits, and hits pretty hard.

The plot is classic Futurama: The Professor has invented a Time Button that sends you ten seconds into the past. But it takes ten seconds to recharge, neatly solving the stasis problem… or so the professor thinks. Needless to say, Fry steals it and promptly puts it to dorky use, building Leela a wedding ring, and then… well… better to see for yourself.

Honestly, the episode hits heights you could be forgiven for thinking the show had stopped even aiming at. One of the strong emotional links of the show is Leela and Fry’s inexplicable romance, and that’s something explored in detail here. The ending of the episode will be blamed for multiple allergy attacks and dust motes, but they’re well deserved.

Not that this episode isn’t funny. If anything, it’s the funniest episode of the season; the Professor in particular gets most of the best lines, whether he’s torturing Zoidberg or explaining science, and there’s one scene in particular that reminds us this show isn’t shy about getting gory.

Essentially, if this is the series finale of Futurama, after thirteen years, this is a great note to go out on. But, this being Futurama, they’re smart enough not to end everything without leaving the door open. And we will be seeing the crew go after Bart sometime next year. But it’s just nice to know the show once again went out with a bang.

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