“Cube” Director Remakes “Species”

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04.29.10 2 Comments

There are two kinds of summer movies: hugely expensive blockbusters, and cheesefests starring formerly respected actors who are just picking up a paycheck to support their heroin habit.  You get one guess what camp “Splice” falls into.

The plot, in a nutshell: genetic scientists splice human DNA with a rat or something and create a freaky mutant kid.  Hilarity ensues.  So in other words it’s “Species” without Natasha Henstridge or the shameless sexploitation angle.  It’s kind of a shame because Vincenzo Natali, the director, put together the really fun “Cube” back in the ’90s, and hasn’t done anything that’s gotten a decent release since.  The trailer after the jump:

Splice in HD

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