Cure for Diabetes Found In Nards?

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12.15.10 3 Comments

How many euphemisms for male genitalia can we work into one post? Let’s find out!

Diabetes is, of course, an ongoing problem in America, and a cure for diabetes is one of several major medical holy grails, in fact the very model of a modern major holy grail. And now, we might have the beginnings of a cure, thanks to G. Ian Gallicano touching a lot of manberries.

Yep, the two veg seems to be key, thanks to the sperm cells. Male diabetics can have their spermatogonial stem cells, basically their baby sperm, pulled from their low-hanging fruit, brought to an embryonic state, and encouraged to make insulin instead of babies.

The technique has been proven to work in mice, curing their diabetes, but there are several roadblocks. Like it only works in men, the cells don’t produce enough insulin to cure humans yet, you might get cancer, and eventually these new insulin producing cells will be destroyed.

But hey, it’s a start, and at least you’ve got the raw materials in your baby bag.

[ via Discover and its wonderful world of testes ]

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